” Between grief and nothing, I will take grief. Which would you choose?”

“..Grief’s stupid, l’d choose nothing. It’s no better, but grief’s a compromise. l want all or nothing.”

Jean-Luc Godard, Breathless (1960)

  • Analysis of Bullet Screen

    2019年12月10日 by

    When you look at the title, I bet your first thought will be: What is Bullet Screen? A clear answer would be DIFFICULT. Originated in Japan as 弾幕 and popularized in China, Bullet screen is exclusively used in these two countries. In simple words, bullet screen refers to the comments made by the viewers of… Read more

  • Final website reflection

    2019年12月7日 by

    Over the semester, I have changed the themes of the website for multiple times. This is because while I want to make my website looks clean and precise, I also want to have a good design for my front page. At the begging of the semester, the theme that I chose for my website does… Read more

  • Creative project final

    2019年12月2日 by

    Both of my creative project and my research paper will be about Bullet screen, which refers to the comments that would scroll on screen (from right side to left side) while people are watching videos. Bullet screen is more like an “annotated comments”, for we can see the all the comments that have made previously… Read more

  • Research Essay Rough draft

    2019年11月17日 by

    Introduction Positive impacts  The first aspect of how bullet screen could change the viewing culture is that it increases interactivity among viewers. In conventional social media platforms such as Youtube, viewers’ comments are posted underneath the video. This means that if one wants to see other people’s responses, he or she needs to scroll down… Read more

  • Creative project draft

    2019年11月9日 by

    For this creative project, I will make probably six or seven short introduction videos for expressions commonly used in Bullet Screen. Each video will be about one or two minutes long. The videos will introduce how they are invented(where is the origin) and how they are used in different ways. Right now I have made… Read more

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