Creative project final

Both of my creative project and my research paper will be about Bullet screen, which refers to the comments that would scroll on screen (from right side to left side) while people are watching videos. Bullet screen is more like an “annotated comments”, for we can see the all the comments that have made previously by people at specific moments of the video. This new presentation of comments is originated from the Japanese website NicoNico, and it adopted by the website Bilibili when it was founded in 2009. As Bilibili becomes one of the most popular websites among young generations, Bullet screen also becomes a trend in China. It has greatly changed people’s viewing habit in China in different ways, and those ideas would be specifically discussed in my research paper.

Instead of just being a new presentation of comments. Bullet screen has much larger impacts on society by becoming a cultural product. For example, people invent a lot of online slangs that are considered as the “bullet screen language”. If you look at those bullet comments in different videos, You can find that there is a repetitive usage of expressions such as Orz, 666, 2333. I am very interested in this phenomenon, and I think it helps to popularize the usage of bullet screen. One reason can be that the usage of those slangs give people a strong sense of belonging. Imagine how good you would feel when you type some wired words on the video and everyone would understand it immediately. Also, because the original purpose of bullet screen is to make fun of the content of the videos, those expressions is a part of this “fun process”.

For this creative project, I decide to do six short videos to introduce some of those slangs used in bullet screen, and those expressions are: KY, Awsl, Orz, ?????, Raw/Cooked meat, and Guichu. I think this would be good complementary of my research paper and it will be interesting for my classmates to learn something new to them. It is my first time making videos, and the process is much harder than I have thought. Because each of my video is quite short (about one to two minutes), I thought that I would not spend exhaustedly amount of time making them, and I realized that I was wrong after I spent few hours making my first video. I learned how to use imovie by myself after watching several videos on Youtube, and explored how to use different functions in the app. The most time-consuming part of making my videos is that I need to find clips that can be shown as examples. I spent a lot of time finding some videos in Bilibili that has the expressions that I am introducing in my videos. Also, the sound-recording part is also difficult for me. Because I am not a native speaker, sometimes when I get nervous when I am recoding so that I could not speak very clearly or smoothly.

Anyway, here are my six videos. In each of them, I explained how they are formed or originated, and in what occasions that they are used. They might still be a little bit confusing, but I have tried my best to make them. I think this creative project fits into our class in different ways. For example, the topic itself (investigation of online slangs) exemplifies that media has the power to change people’s way of communicating with each other. It has such huge impacts on our daily life that it even changes how languages is used. Also, the process of making videos reminds me of the four affordances that we learned earlier in the class. Navigating through imovie, I am constantly aware of how much procedural process I have been through in order to make those videos. At the same time, I develop a deeper understanding of how digital tools are the capacity to contain and circulate information (and I become more admire of video-makers). I have learnt a lot from this video-making process, and I am definitely proud of what I have done. I really hope that you enjoy watching them and you can learn something from them.

  1. Raw/Cooked meat

2. Awsl

3. Orz

4. KY

5. Gui Chu

6. ?????

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