Project Proposal

For my final project, I decide to research on the bullet screen culture, which I mentioned in my video presentation when I introduced the website Blibli. Bullet screen, or Danmaku (だんまく), refers to the comments made by videos that would fly cross the screen just like bullets. The usage of bullet screen really becomes a trend in China; besides Blibli, many websites start using bullet screen, and the young generations adopt this new viewing habit quickly. I personally watch many videos with the bullet screen, but I just take this as granted and have never thought about why and how becomes popular in China. I also wonder why it is not commonly used in other countries such as the United States.

For my research paper, I will first write about the history and background of Danmaku as how it was originated in Japan and then came to China. I am also curious about the questions such as how it changes young people’s habits of watching videos, how it alters the relationship among the viewers as well as between the viewers and the video-makers, how it psychologically impact people’s viewing experience, and how it exerts impacts on our daily usage of language. I am not sure what I will do for my creative project. I may make a video to interview my friends about how they think of the bullet screen, or I may make a video and let my friends send bullet comments to demonstrate how it works in different ways. I think there are lots of meanings behind this new culture, and they are definitely worthy to be discussed about.

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