Final website reflection

Over the semester, I have changed the themes of the website for multiple times. This is because while I want to make my website looks clean and precise, I also want to have a good design for my front page. At the begging of the semester, the theme that I chose for my website does not have the design of menu, and later i realized this is really inconvenient for people to navigate through the website. This is why I changed my theme to one that has a menu so that I can organize my posts and pages in a much clearer way. Also, I changed my themes so that the image that I show on the front page looks more comfortable. The picture I chose is from Jean Luc-Goddard’s film Breathless. Because it is a black-and-white film, the contrast between lightness and darkness would be too strong in the original picture. This is why I put an inbox that covers the image so that it looks grayer. I chose the picture because Breathless is the film that helps me to discover my passion in cinema. The film is also meaningful for me because it conveys a lot of existentialist ideas. The sentence that I put over the image exemplifies the idea. 

The website ends up just like how I imaged it. The only thing that I am not satiated with is that because I have to choose the theme for my website, I don’t really a large extent of freedom to do the design. For example, I really like the format of some templates, but because they don’t have the design of menu, I have to choose other templates. At the same time, I am able to accomplish the goal for my website in the way that I am not only making posts that for my media class. I also create a page to put some of my photography works up there. 

Making a website was harder than I thought at the beginning, because at that time I was unfamiliar with all the procedure that I had to go through in order to make the web design. However, once I knew how to make pages, posts, and how to customize them, everything became much easier for me. Nevertheless, I think there are still many other functions of the website that I have not been explored, and I think in the future, I will develop my skills more. At the same time, I will use the website for the future for my film reviews in the future. I think websites will be the best presentation way for those reviews because I can post many images along side the words as well as outside links.

At the same time, making website also helps me to understood our course material on digital media in a very practical way. This is because compared to leaning about media theories, designing website is a much more straightforward way for me to learn the power of digital media. For example, only through writing blog posts, I can clearly sense the difference from making a post and academic wiring. This understanding will be more shallow or less comprehensive if I am just reading articles that talked about it. I think I am also benefited from this assignment because it is a practical skill that I learned in the class. It is not something that I learn and forget from most of the classes, rather, it will stay with me in to the future, and this is defiantly what meaningful about it.

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