Extra Credit #3

On November 6th, I went to the screening The Apartment(1960). Same as the last time, Dr. Bernstein gave a little talk about what the film is about, and actors and actresses, and some other background information about it (like it was nominated by several Oscar prices). It is the second Billy Wilder’s film that I watched this semester, and I think both of them are very good and changed my mind towards Classic Hollywood cinema a lot. Compared to the Double Indemnity, I like this film more in terms of its story and the morals behind it. I think that even though the film is told in a light-hearted way, it really reflects the dark side in working place that people’s values are corrupted by their ambition to get promoted and get more money. There is nothing wrong to be ambitious, but it is just sad to see that they need to give up those most precious personalities in exchange for their success. In the end of the film, the protagonist faces a choice between his job(executive assistant) and the woman he loves, and I think it is so cruel that he is forced to do. It is also sad to see that people who have high positions in the company are abusing their power and bullying the workers who have lower positions. We can see that there is a very clear power structure of the company, as the more powerful ones are able to determine the destiny of those less powerful people. I remember when the protagonist refuses to give the key to the executive, executive says something like you so much effort and time to get this position, and I can throw you back in few seconds. What is horrible about it is that it is just merely a fictional story, since a lot of such things happened in real life. I think the film really helps us to look into reality by excising the dark side straight up to our faces. Besides the morals, I really like how the tone of the film is quite light, and Jack Lemmon’s performance is very entertaining to watch. There are a lot of jokes in it, and even though I can’t get them all, I laughed out loudly with many other audience for many times. Overall, I really enjoyed that two hours and I look forward to watching more of his works.

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