Extra Credit#2

On Oct.24th, I attended Dr. Aubrey Anable’s lecture about the video game Gone Home. I am in Dr.Reynolds’ class Film408: Media, Time, and Space, so I read her book Playing with Feelings before, which prepared me to comprehend her theories about video games. In the lecture, she talks about how her works are related to two questions: ‘what does the queer practice of “reparative reading” look like for video games?’ and ‘what can video games teach us about theory and criticism as emotional stances?’ I don’t really understand the queer part of her work, since queer culture is not a part of culture in my own county, I am not familiar with it and I don’t want to make any shallow comments about it. Nevertheless, what I think it is very interesting that she uses the Affect theory to explain how video games can exert huge emotional impacts on gamers. When we play video games, it is not a one-direction process that we, as the subject, are playing the games, which are the objects; rather, intersubjectivity plays a key role in this gaming process. Her ideas have a clear reference to philosophers such as Deleuze and phenomenologists Ponty. Her works explore the reasons of why and how game should receive higher recognition from people, and the lecture she gave in the afternoon as well as the Q&A session in Film408 class really changed my mind as how video games have positive impacts on people. I am personally not a gamer, and I often think that playing video games makes people addicted, which is certainly a quite biased idea.

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