Creative Project Proposal

For my creative project, I have two ideas. First, I may interview several of my friends about their experience of using Bullet screen. I will come up with ten questions such as How do you think you are benefited/not benefited from it, How does it influence your viewing habit, and What is your personal experience with it. I may do a podcast or a short film(filming the interviews). I think it will be a good way for us to learn more about bullet screen since my friends can provide different perspectives and insights about the subject. The difficulty that I may face is that have never edited a film before, so I need to learn how to do editing if I chose to make the short film.

The second idea will be more focus on the language used in Bullet screen. I want to explore more about those unconventional expressions such as 2333, 666, orz. If I decide to chose this topic, I will make short videos for different expression (like a crash course) to describe what do they mean in English, in what contexts they are used, and where and how do they originated. I want to make each of those videos short and brief (maybe just one minute) so that people can get the core messages carried by those expressions easily. I will also find examples of how those expressions being used in other videos in Bilibili and cooperate those sources into my crash course videos. I will organize a page in my website to upload those short clips so that everyone can look them up. I think it will be a good opportunity for me to learn more about how bullet screen creates a new culture among teenagers and also, it can help my classmates to learn more about Chinese culture. If I choose to do this as my creative project, I will also need to learn how to edit videos. I will use imovie as my tool and explore how to use it to make videos.

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