Website Reflection

If the score is up to 10, I would give a 9 to my experience of designing my website. I feel very pleased that see it is gradually being completed. My goal for my website is to create a comfortable space where I can share the sparks of my thoughts and insights. I hope viewers can be interested by the content and find something valuable by reading my posts. I use the scene in Jean-Luc Godard’s film Pierrot le Fou at my front page. It is one of my favorite films that can always make me sentimental no matter how many times I have watched it. When I think of the film, beautiful things appear before me: summer, escaping, fireworks, shiny sea, Anna Karina’s eyes and laughs. In front of the camera, Karina exudes charm that is beyond words. Godard must love her very much back then. 

I was quite inspired by Rinko Kawauchi’s website. Kawauchi is a famous Japanese photographer whose works are known for being “poetic and serene”. Her website is designed in a simple way, which makes it easy to explore. I like this kind of minimalist style so i will also try to make my website look as clean as possible. 

Before the end of semester, I will add a page where I can pose my film reports in it. I also want to put up some of my photography works. Right now I am still a little bit confused with how to edit each part in different pages such as how to change the front and color of my texts. I also don’t know how to only show tittles of the posts in my Film208 page. I had some difficulties knowing how to put Menus at my front page and i spent quite a long time dealing with this problem. Nevertheless, I did not feel frustrated about the whole process. I feel very exited, and I cannot wait to continue working on my website in the future. 

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